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Rainy day is not just for a rainy day it could be for when your sick or stuck at home.So enjoy this group and have fun!  
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south lake tahoe, United States
30.06.2017 From Ciena365
The group of diys is suposted to teach kids how to make easy tings they can use daily or to have fun and play with.Its also helps the parent from wasting there hard earned money to buy something they could haved made there self. Do it your self.
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sac, United States
29.06.2017 From Ciena365
Everyone Can Make a Difference.  No matter what your Age, Health, Skill levels, Talents, Education or Social Status. In many cases, thanks to modern technology your location does not matter. All that matters is having a sincere interest in making a difference. Being dedicated to your commitment to…
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Sacramento, CA, United States
09.06.2017 From admin