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We year we pay large amounts in taxes never really knowing how the money is spent. We are told the money is to be used for this or that program of benefits but in reality, it usually just ends up is some crooked politicians or official's pocket. So the elephant in the room is how do we monitor how o…
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District of Columbia , United States
03.07.2017 From admin
                                                    What are civil Rights? When most people hear the term Civil Rights they think of the civil rights movement for racial equality. It is true that the civil rights movement in the 60's helped pave the way for racial equality but, civil rights are f…
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District Of Columbia, United States
30.06.2017 From admin
Everyone Can Make a Difference.  No matter what your Age, Health, Skill levels, Talents, Education or Social Status. In many cases, thanks to modern technology your location does not matter. All that matters is having a sincere interest in making a difference. Being dedicated to your commitment to…
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Sacramento, CA, United States
09.06.2017 From admin