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  WYDK Radio = What You Don't Know...? Can Harm You! There is so much going on in this world around us, things that affect our lives and those that we love. The saddest part is that most of it passes us by without a second thought. How many times have we all said "If I had only known…” about healt…
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               W Y D K New is also named  "W Y D K in the News" because the majority of the footage used has been filmed by the finest  New Crews from around the world. As a videographer, I know that there are literally hundreds of thousands of hours of News video footage that has never been aired. …
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60% of disabilities cannot be seen. 1,000,000,000 people globally have disabilities. Abuse and Neglect of people with Disabilities is a global epidemic. We have to speak up and speak out!. Disability Rights are Human Rights!- AMF     I never thought I find myself acting as a disability advoca…
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Fun ways to learn and test what you know...or think you know.     and  is a registered trademark of WYDK LLC  
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