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              We are still moving from our old site so Thank you for bearing with us through the transfer.
Posted for Program WYDK Radio
03.07.2017 · From WYDKRadio
          We are just starting to move all of our content from the old site... So Thank You in advance for your patience. Feel free to visit daily for new content.
Posted for Program WYDK News
03.07.2017 · From WYDKNews
It sounds like fun.
Posted for Program WYDK Game Show
02.07.2017 · From Ciena365
Its also fair to treat the disabled right because they  have trouble using there body and its hard for them because they can`t do or have as much fun  as people with out disable and to be treated unfairly is not right.Making them feel like they don`t belong or feel like they aren`t a real person.Tha…
Posted for Program SPECIALLYABLED
29.06.2017 · From Ciena365
I think its a great show for the kids.So all of ya sould get to liking it.Think about the kids how much they will or do like it or love it.
Posted for Program WYDK Kids
29.06.2017 · From Ciena365
Its true that disabled people sill have human rights like all of the youg folks.Just becase they might not youg that dose mean they aren`t human bean i mean we all are gods greats creation but we are also his  children and that means youg or old we are brothers and sisters and one big family togethe…
Posted for Program SPECIALLYABLED
29.06.2017 · From Ciena365
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