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Children Are the Future1 We have to teach them from our mistakes so they can make this world a better place. So they can save the world!


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  Throughout centuries great literary works have been written by authors, gurus, prophets, philosophizers, ancient civilizations, and religions. Let's explore the teachings and perhaps raise our consciousnesses. Description   There is much to be learned from the stories, attitudes, and beliefs o…
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    A Living Rainbow Studios are a multicultural and multi-medium artisan organization, showcasing arts in all of their forms and facets. The Studios are divided into Fine ArtsStudio, Wed Design Studio, Commercial Arts, Photography Studio, Image Studio.
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60% of disabilities cannot be seen. 1,000,000,000 people globally have disabilities. Abuse and Neglect of people with Disabilities is a global epidemic. We have to speak up and speak out!. Disability Rights are Human Rights!- AMF     I never thought I find myself acting as a disability advoca…
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Fun ways to learn and test what you know...or think you know.     and  is a registered trademark of WYDK LLC  
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    I think its a great show for the kids.So all of ya sould get to liking it.Think about the kids how much they will or do like it or love it.

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