W Y D K New is also named  "W Y D K in the News" because the majority of the footage used has been filmed by the finest  New Crews from around the world.

As a videographer, I know that there are literally hundreds of thousands of hours of News video footage that has never been aired. A large amount of editing is required to fit video segments into network programming.

Approximately 75% of all video shot on any given subject ends up on the cutting room floor.

The real stories that affect you, your loved ones, your community," Your World", "Your Money", "Your Health", Your Rights" and "Your Safety" never get seen.

We are talking about the stories that affect you.


I think we have all had enough of the media lies, hype and fluff pieces. We need real information and real answers.

 WYDK News™ and WYDK World News™ are  trademarks of WYDK LLC

What We Believe

To survive we need to know the truth about what we are facing. The modern media is too busy selling us a false bill of goods for profit. The human race as a whole can overcome anything if they are given a chance. We need to know the truth! 

The real stories
that affect you, your loved ones, Your community, Your World, Your Money, Your Health, Your Money, Your Rights and your Safety most people never get to see. That is where W Y D K in the news comes in with our programming. Our production team reviews literally hundreds of thousands of hours of video footage, news segments, government reports, and interviews. Our goal is to to provide our viewers with in-depth quality programming. Our purpose is to educate and inform. No fluff to waste your time and no smoke and mirrors. We don’t have any agenda to try to sway your opinions one way or another.


Since 1998 WYDK News began ad a talk radio program on AMF638 Talk Radio which later changed it's name to WYDK Radio in 2002.

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