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Abuse and Neglect in housing for disabled part 3 Stress/Anger
After a very serious car accident leaving me with physical disabilities, I moved into HUD housing, an affordable housing program for people with disabilities managed by Accessible Space Inc. in South Lake Tahoe California Abuse and Neglect in housing for disabled part 3: Over whelming Stress It is so difficult to look back at all of the mental , physical, spiritual and financial damage caused by negligent, intentionally spiteful and abusive treatment my family has had to endure from Accessible Space Inc. All we asked for was heat! In Tahoe, it is winter 8 to 10 months of the year. We had 30 and 40-degree temperature inside of the apartment. When they refused to repair the heating for 2 years we went to authorities. Then the retaliations began. Tried to evict us several times with no grounds, raised our rent hundreds of dollars on more than one occasion, made us adhere to rules that no other tenant was required, tried to have false charges brought against me, threatened and bullied me and the list goes on and on. All because we asked for a basic human right..Heat in the apartment. They refused to properly repair and do essential maintenance on the apartment. often starting repairs, and taking months , or never completing the repairs. I was told several times we'll take care of it after you leave and asked almost daily in nasty ways when are you going to move out. I was also told to take what I get. The clearly Racists treatment has been very detrimental to my heath and that of my family members. Toxic Black mold developed in every room of the apartment. Every member of my family became very ill and are not in medical treatment. The city State and federal agencies just look the other way. They have full knowledge of what's going on the conflict of interest because of many of the people involved with this project are also in influential positions with the governing agency's they are helping to cover up what's going on. Abuse and Neglect in housing for disabled part 3 Stress/Anger Everything is well documented. For more information and photos: # people physical disabilities #people with disabilities #disability #handicapped #federal disability # disability services #disabled people #disabled veterans #disabled veterans # affordable housing #affordable housing program #hud housing # Accessible Space Inc #South Lake Tahoe
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