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Abuse and Neglect in housing for disabled part 5: Illegal Entry
After a very serious car accident leaving me with physical disabilities, I moved into HUD housing, an affordable housing program for people with disabilities managed by Accessible Space Inc. in South Lake Tahoe California. Abuse and Neglect in housing for disabled part 5: Illegal Entry Several years ago Accessible Space Inc. hired a man (Stephen Martin) who claims to have been homeless for 3yrs. ( convenient so no real background checks could be done) Anyway, they gave him the master keys for all of our apartments. For Years the tenants have been formally complaining in writing that someone has been entering their apartments and things have been missing. They later found out two master keys that unlocked every apartment were unaccounted for. So they have all the locks and all the masters replaced. They give him the only master keys. Still things are turning up missing. Illegal entries to my apartment at all hours of the day..and night. Needless to say I am beyond uncomfortable with the situation. Local Law enforcement has been notified in case things have to get ugly.... cause I'm not playing. This guy could be some kind of a pervert.The walls are paper thin. Every time I use my bathroom he's on the other side of the wall. ( I am not the only one to have noticed it.) Like he has some way of watching set up. He tries to bully me but I think it's clear I will rip him a new one. For more information and photos: # people physical disabilities #people with disabilities #disability #handicapped #federal disability # disability services #disabled people #disabled veterans #disabled veterans # affordable housing #affordable housing program #hud housing # Accessible Space Inc #South Lake Tahoe
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