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WYDK Talk Radio: Abuse of the Disabled in subsidized housing.
Toxic Mold & Radon In Housing For Disabled and Elderly Interview with Micheal Smith host of the "WHAT" show Lake Tahoe and fellow resident at Sky Forrest Acres facility for the disabled. After a serious car accident, I relocated to Specialized Housing for the Disabled managed by Accessible Space Inc in South Lake Tahoe, California. I came here to rest and heal, but instead, I have fallen critically ill due to unfit living conditions. My family and I suffered from repeated headaches, nose bleeds, hemorrhaging, respiratory issues, fungal infections, flu-like symptoms, fatigue, cancer scares, and lymphoma. These ailments are attributed to prolonged exposure to the apartment’s toxicity. This has all been documented in our medical records. Many of the other tenants had similar or worse complaints. Out of the 17 building units, one-half of the residents 8 have died or has been sent to hospice to die in a three-year period. Four died on the premises. Six residents have contracted cancer and/or have had cancer scares. Most of these people did not have these conditions prior to moving into Accessible Space Inc.’s HUD Housing. Toxic black mold has infested the main building and apartments have tested for high levels of a cancerous gas called Radon. City of South Lake Tahoe and HUD and Fair Housing places the health of all tenants at risk by doing nothing to solve these fatal ailments. # Accessible Space Inc. #people with disabilities #disability #handicapped #federal disability # Human Rights #Civil Rights # disability services #disabled people #disabled veterans #TACCD # affordable housing #affordable housing programs #hud housing #South Lake Tahoe
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