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In Honor of

In Loving Memory of our Founder

Priscilla Patricia Brown

1939 to 1980

Founder/ CEO WYDK Global

Creator WYDK Radio And WYDK TV

Lady Angelica M Frances

1995 to Present

Board of Directors




Advisory Board


Legal Advisers:

Daniel Meltzer, 

Business Advisors:

Daniel Meltzer, Blake Anderson,

Financial Advisers:

Fran Quie, H&/R Block,

Research & Development:

Orion Dellarosie, Robert Hamiter, Jonathan Hamiter, Marilyn Townes, Fran Quie, Jazun Hamiter

International Relations:

Fran Quie,  Angelica Frances, Patrica Vault, Diane Vior, Eric Salibury


Stanley Phillips


Marketing Team

WYDK Marketing team

Our marketing teams are made up of top ranked marketing companies and individuals, who provide us with:"

Marketing Plans, Proposals,SEO, Social Media Marketing, Site Submission Website Designs, Banners, News Letters and E mail Marketing, Promos Ads, Webinars, Video Marketing and more.

* A L R  Marketing *                

Broadcasting Team

Broadcast Operators:

Orion Dellarosie,

A M Frances, Paul Rekier

Broadcast Networks

Radio Networks and Streaming:

Orion Dellarosie,

 Paul Rekier

Radio Promoters:




TV networks and Streaming:

What is WYDK Global Network

What is WYDK Global Network?

W Y D KWhat You Don't Know..?

WYDK Global Network is a network of educational public television programs with one purpose: to help Real People with real problems find Real Solutions. To create an open global exchange, a global information network, free of political and corporate global agendas. A global information network for optimal global impact. For Global exchange

All of the WYDK Global Network programs are designed for educational purposes. Our goal is to address current issues, that are relevant to everyone regardless of age, ethnicity or country of origin.We at WYDK Global Network believe that all humans and creatures have much more in common than is generally realized. These similarities transcend age, locations, beliefs, differences in cultures, gender (sometimes species) and any other dividing factors.

We have come to a very vital point of human evolution. In which Critical Reflection of every aspect of being, education. values and coexisting must be re-evaluated. It is the only way we can ever begin to address our current global crisis.- AMFrances

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a global platform for individuals, groups, schools, communities, and charities a cost-effective way to socially share ideas, knowledge and vital information.

A Global information exchange. Without the manipulation of major corporate or political agendas.

Real People coming together to find and create Real solutions to Real Problems. 

Many hands make work light!

WYDK Global Networks Social Impact


Creative Development Teams


Creative Development 

Executive Producers:

Angelica Frances,



Orion Dellarosie, Sergei Belizky,

Robert N Hamiter


Orion Dellarosie, Eric Salisbury,

Writers & Editors:

Angelica Frances, Orion Dellarosie, Angelica Whitney, Robert Hamiter, Jonathan Hamiter, Rachel Totaram

Program/Video Editors:

Angelica Frances, Jackson HamiterOzair Rao

Program Host:

Angelica Frances, Stanley Phillips,   Angelica Whitney, Christian Whitney

Co-Host and Guest Host:

 Ester Goldberg, Sergei Belizky,  Eric Salisbury , Orion Dellarosie,  Lafayette Hamiter,  Dr Knox, Dr Hamiter, Dr Hough, Dr Williams, Dr Duran, Dr Jon, Dr Miller, Brenda Cormack, Robert Hamiter

Spokes Persons:

Angelica Frances, Eric Salisbury, 

Sergei Belizky, J. Peary, 

Digital Graphics

Angelica Frances, Jakzun Hamiter, Orion Dellarosie

Special Effects

Angelica Frances, Jakzun Hamiter, Orion Dellarosie, Sergei Belizky


Angelica Frances, Jakzun Hamiter, Robert N Hamiter, Orion Dellarosie

Sets & Props

Angelica Frances, Maria Whitney,

Angel Whitney 

Location Scouts:

Jeff Strek, Brenda Cormack, 

Focus Groups:

Medical & Health

 Dr Knox, Dr Hamiter, Dr Hough,                Dr Williams, Dr Duran, Dr Jon, Dr Young  Dr  Milbourne


ALR Videography Team


Angelica Frances, Nikoles Frances, Angelica Whitney, Christian Whitney, Robert Hamiter, Michael Melvin, Sergei Belizky, J. Peary, 


Angelica Frances, Nikoles Frances, Angelica Whitney

Camera Operators:

Nik Frances, Angelica Frances, 

Micheal Melvin, Sergei Belizky,



Paul Rekier

Sound Team

Sound Operators:

Orion Dellarosie,

Stan Patterson, Paul Rekier

Tech Team

Tech Team


Lead Programers

Wane Burkart, Jerome Mingo

 Angelica Frances